How To Use Stress To Your Advantage!

How To Use Stress To Your Advantage!

So we all know stress is bad for us right? Well, apparently it’s not. I just watched a TED talk by Kelly McGonigal where she reveals a shocking truth. According to Kelly McGonigal, there is research which shows that stress is only bad for you if you believe it is. So stress itself isn’t bad. The belief that stress is bad, is actually bad. That’s crazy! So beliefs are even more important than previously thought.

So the takeaway from this talk is to stop seeing stress as this bad thing happening to us. Stop fearing stress. Don’t make stress your enemy. Instead use stress to fuel you and push you to higher levels. If the research is true, we shoudn’t care about stress, as long as we don’t think of it as a major negative.

I highly recommend you take five minutesĀ  (or the whole 14 minutes if you prefer) to watch this TED talk, as it’s awesome, entertaining, and life-changing!

My favorite quote here is: “Chasing meaning is better than trying to avoid discomfort. Go after what creates meaning in your life, and trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.”

What’s thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know the impact it made on your life, if any?

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