5 Tried And Proven Ways To Get Smarter Today!

5 Tried And Proven Ways To Get Smarter Today!

Can we really get smarter? Some experts say not. But luckily for all of us, research has recently suggested we can actively ensure we get smarter every single day. I’m not talking about turning into a genius, but making us a little smarter by increasing memory, focus and overall capacity to function.tips to get smarter today

1. Build Your Vocabulary

Ever notice that smart people always use fancy words you don’t understand? That’s not because they are necessarily smarter, but have taken the time to learn words. So start building your vocabulary! Next time you hear a word you don’t understand, don’t feel stupid, just google it. We have it easy. I remember having to use a dictionary, which was not fun!

2. Learn New Stuff All The Time

Seriously, when is the last time you learned something new? You need to learn all the time. I try to learn new things on a daily basis. So instead of watching the sneezing panda on YouTube for the third time, why don’t you read an interesting article, or watch an educational video online. There’s plenty of free resources such as TED talks, which can really boost your knowledge about the mind and life in general.

A faster way to learn is by using brain supplements, but there is a lot of debate on whether this really is a good way to boost your learning ability.

3. Write Down What You Learn

When reading a book, note down what you think is interesting. Why read for the sake of reading? Take notes, and take learning a little bit more seriously. It’s better to read a couple of chapters in a book and take notes and really think about the material and learn actively; then reading the whole book and not remembering what was in chapter one by the time you hit chapter 9. I used to have this problem, but I’m a much more active reader now with the intention of learning something.

4. Talk To People

Read an interesting book? Find someone to teach the material to. Don’t talk about whether the Walking Dead was good. That doesn’t help. Instead find someone who you can share interesting information with and have a debate on how to apply that knowledge straight away.

A recent Inc article, suggests to find smarter friends. It sucks in terms of your own self-esteem when everyone around you is smarter. But guess what? You’ll become smarter as well. No point stroking your ego and thinking your smart, when you’re hanging out with dumb people.

5. Do crazy things

When is the last time you did something spontaneous? Go away for the week, try a new sport, experiment with a new hobby. Keep your mind active and go a little crazy when trying new things. Don’t do the same thing daily. That’s boring. Live life with passion!

Hope these five steps have given you a little bit of inspiration. Let me know what tip is your favourite and how you applied it to your life!

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