Can Medidation Help You Focus?

Can Medidation Help You Focus?

There has been a lot of speculation about the benefits of mediation. It has been believed for centuries that meditation can help clear the mind and recently many participate in daily meditation to boost their brain power. But there has never been much evidence to prove any of this. Not anymore! It is now official that meditation can actually help you become smarter.

meditateScience Say It’s Good For You

A recent study has provided evidence that participating in mindful meditation can help unlock creativity and help you more easily focus on tasks. This is awesome, as being mindful during the day can lead to increased memory capacity and would make it easier to learn new material.

How To Meditate?

So what’s the best way to meditate and where do you start if you are a complete beginner? Well, not to worry. Meditation shouldn’t be taken too seriously and there certainly isn’t a wrong or right way to it. Be playful with the whole concept and don’t take yourself to seriously. There is no way to do it wrong, unless you’re trying to hard to get it right. The whole point is to be focus on the present, to be mindful and absorb the power of now.

There are plenty of books, courses and iPhone apps to help you. Just pick one, don’t overthink it, and get started today!

When Is The Best Time To Do It?

You should try to do it daily to get the best results, but you can always resort to mindfulness practices when overly stressed or overwhelmed. If you skip a day, don’t worry about it. But do try to be mindful on a regular basis, as it is a habit you need to form. Better yet, picture it as a muscle you need to develop and grow. The more frequent you participate in a mindful mediation, the stronger your resilience to stress and feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

More Benefits?

The lower levels of stress and anxiety will help you unlock your creative and help you increase concentration levels.

Another study has actually shown that your brain actually changes while doing a mindful exercise. Some of these changes are short-term, while other are more long term. So the effects,while not fully understood yet, are very promising.

Now go and meditate!

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